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    Miscellaneous Consultants and Professional Services Roster

    In order to be considered for the roster vendors must complete the following qualification requirements below:

    SPS Miscellaneous Consultants and Professional Services Roster

    Category List Attachment 1

    Firms already pre-qualified for the roster do not need to re-submit qualifications unless their pre-qualified services have changed, or they are submitting new qualifications.

    Businesses that have prequalified for the District's Miscellaneous Consultants and Professional Services Roster are listed below:

    Arborist Services
    Child Care Consulting
    Civil Engineers
    Commissioning Consultant
    Constructability Reviews
    Construction Cost Consultant
    Construction Inspection & Testing
    Construction Management
    Educational Planning Consultant
    Electrical Engineers
    Environmental Land Use Consultant
    Geotechnical Consulting
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing
    Historical Landmarks Specialists
    Interior Design
    Land Surveying
    Landscape Architect
    Mechanical Engineers
    Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant
    Space Planner
    Structural Engineers
    Sustainability and Energy Consultant
    Traffic Consultant
    Value Engineering

    This roster is updated as firms are added.

    Category Vendor
    Accoustician The Greenbusch Group
    Arborist American Forest Management
    Arborist Otak, Inc.
    Arborist Tree Solutions, Inc.
    Archeologist Amec Foster Wheeler
    Archeologist ESA
    Archeologist Historical Research Associates, Inc.
    Archeologist Stell Environmental
    Archeologist Terracon Consultants
    Willamette Cultural Resources Assoc.
    Architect Anjali Grant Design
    Architect Ato Apiafi Architects, PLLC
    Architect BLRB Architects
    Architect BPH Architects
    Architect Harthorne Hagen Architects
    Architect HKP Architects
    Architect  HOK
    Architect Integrus Architecture, P.S.
    Architect Magellan Architects
    Architect McGranahan Architects
    Architect  McLennan Design, LLC
    Architect Otak, Inc.
    Osborn Architects, Inc., P.S.
    Peter Meijer Architect, PC
    Architect Rolluda Architects, Inc.
    Architect SCR Architects, Inc.
    SH Architecture
    Architect Stemper Architecture Collaborative
    Architect Studio Meng Strazzara
    Architect TCF Architecture, PLLC
    Child Care Consultant Anjali Grant Design
    Child Care Consultant Johnson+Southerland
    Child Care Consultant
    Studio Meng Strazzara
    Civil Engineers AHBL, Inc.
    Civil Engineers CG Engineering
    Civil Engineers Coughlin Porter Lundeen
    Civil Engineers DA Hogan & Associates, Inc.
    Civil Engineers LPD Engineering, PLLC
    Civil Engineers Jacobson Consulting Engineers
    Civil Engineers Otak, Inc.
    Civil Engineers Pace Engineers, Inc.
    Civil Engineers Pacland
    Civil Engineers Reid Middleton, Inc.
    Civil Engineers  Sitt & Hill
    Civil Engineers  Toole Design
    Commissioning Consultants  Ecotope
    Commissioning Consultants Engineering Economics, Inc.
    Commissioning Consultants FSI Consulting Engineers
    Commissioning Consultants
    Commissioning Consultants
    Hargis Engineers
    Commissioning Consultants Heery International
    Commissioning Consultants Interface Engineering
    Commissioning Consultants Keithly Barber Associates
    Commissioning Consultants Meng Analysis
    Commissioning Consultants Northwest Engineering Services, Inc.
    Commissioning Consultants Sazan Group, Inc.
    Commissioning Consultants
    The Greenbusch Group
    Commissioning Consultants Welsh Commissioning Group, Inc.
    Commissioning Consultants Wilson Jones Commissioning
    Commissioning Consultants Wood Harbinger
    Constructability Reviews BEE Consulting, LLC
    Constructability Reviews
    Constructability Reviews Hill International
    Constructability Reviews LRC Construction-Consulting, Inc.
    Constructability Reviews Meng Analysis
    Constructability Reviews Paul Lukes Building Envelope Consulting Services
    Constructability Reviews  Project Delivery Analysts, LLC
    Constructability Reviews Roen & Associates
    Constructability Reviews Sazan Group, Inc.
    Constructability Reviews
    Vanir Construction Management, Inc.
    Construction Cost Consultant Cumming
    Construction Cost Consultant Hill International
    Construction Cost Consultant
    Construction Cost Consultant  Project Delivery Analysts, LLC
    Construction Cost Consultant The Robinson Company
    Construction Inspection & Testing  AAR Testing Laboratory, Inc. 
    Construction Inspection & Testing BEE Consulting, LLC
    Construction Inspection & Testing Krazan & Associates
    Construction Inspection & Testing Materials Testing & Consulting, Inc.
    Construction Inspection & Testing Mayes Testing Engineers, Inc.
    Construction Inspection & Testing Otto Rosenau & Associates, Inc.
    Construction Inspection & Testing PSI
    Construction Inspection & Testing Terracon Consultants
    Construction Management Hainline
    Construction Management Hill International
    Construction Management  OAC Services, Inc.
    Construction Management Otak, Inc.
    Construction Management
    Vanir Construction Management, Inc.
    Educational Planning Consultant Anjali Grant Design
    Educational Planning Consultant Integrus Architecture, P.S.
    Educational Planning Consultant McGranahan Architects
    Educational Planning Consultant SCR Architects
    Educational Planning Consultant Studio Meng Strazzara
    Electrical Engineers BCE Engineers, Inc.
    Electrical Engineers Cross Engineers, Inc.
    Electrical Engineers Hargis Engineers, Inc.
    Electrical Engineers Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers, LLC
    Electrical Engineers Hultz BHU Engineers, Inc.
    Electrical Engineers Hunt Engineering Services, Inc.
    Electrical Engineers
    Integral Group
    Electrical Engineers Interface Engineering
    Electrical Engineers Reyes Engineering, Inc.
    Electrical Engineers Sazan Group, Inc.
    Electrical Engineers Tres West Engineers
    Electrical Engineers Wood Harbinger
    Environmental Land Use Consultants AHBL, Inc.
    Environmental Land Use Consultants EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC
    Environmental Land Use Consultants ESA
    Environmental Land Use Consultants Landau Associates
    Environmental Land Use Consultants Otak, Inc.
    Geotechnical Consulting Amec Foster Wheeler
    Geotechnical Consulting Associated Earth Sciences Incorporated
    Geotechnical Consulting  GeoEngineers, Inc. 
    Geotechnical Consulting  GeoDesign, Inc.
    Geotechnical Consulting HWA GeoSciences, Inc.
    Geotechnical Consulting Krazan & Associates
    Geotechnical Consulting Landau Associates
    Geotechnical Consulting Materials Testing & Consulting, Inc.
    Geotechnical Consulting Otto Rosenau & Associates, Inc.
    Geotechnical Consulting PSI
    Geotechnical Consulting  Robinson Noble
    Geotechnical Consulting Shannon & Wilson, Inc.
    Geotechnical Consulting Terracon Consultants
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing Amec Foster Wheeler
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing  Argus Pacific, Inc.
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing EHS International, Inc.
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing  GeoEngineers, Inc. 
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing
    GO Spectrum NW
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing
    Kane Environmental, Inc.
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing Krazan & Associates
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing Landau Associates
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing NOVO Laboratory
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing PBS Engineering & Environmental, Inc.
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing PSI
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing Shannon & Wilson, Inc.
    Hazardous Materials Survey/Testing Terracon Consultants
    Historical Landmarks Specialists Confluence Environmental Company
    Historical Landmarks Specialists Historical Research Associates, Inc.
    Historical Landmarks Specialists Johnson Partnership
    Historical Landmarks Specialists
    Peter Meijer Architect, PC
    Interior Design Anjalie Grant Design
    Interior Design HOK
    Interior Design
    Interior Design McGranahan Architects
    Interior Design Radixos, LLC
    Interior Design Rolluda Architects, Inc.
    Interior Design Studio Meng Strazzara
    Interior Design WorkSpace Development
    Land Surveying AHBL, Inc.
    Land Surveying Bush, Roed & Hitchings, Inc.
    Land Surveying Otak, Inc.
    Land Surveying Pace Engineers, Inc.
    Land Surveying Reid Middleton, Inc.
    Land Surveying  Sitt & Hill
    Land Surveying  WHPacific, Inc. 
    Landscape Architect AHBL, Inc.
    Landscape Architect
    Barker Landscape Architects, P.S.
    Landscape Architect DA Hogan & Associates, Inc.
    Landscape Architect Johnson+Southerland
    Landscape Architect Nakano Associates
    Landscape Architect Otak, Inc.
    Landscape Architect  Pace Engineers, Inc.
    Landscape Architect  Toole Design
    Mechanical Engineers BCE Engineers, Inc.
    Mechanical Engineers Bogard Engineers, PS
    Mechanical Engineers FSi Consulting Engineers
    Mechanical Engineers  Ecotope, Inc.
    Mechanical Engineers Hargis Engineers, Inc.
    Mechanical Engineers Hultz BHU Engineers, Inc.
    Mechanical Engineers Hunt Engineering
    Mechanical Engineers
    Integral Group
    Mechanical Engineers Interface Engineering
    Mechanical Engineers Interface Engineering
    Mechanical Engineers Metrix Engineers
    Mechanical Engineers Sazan Group, Inc.
    Mechanical Engineers
    The Greenbusch Group
    Mechanical Engineers Tres West Engineers
    Mechanical Engineers Wood Harbinger
    Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant Allana Buick & Bers
    Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant BEE Consulting, LLC
    Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant Building Envelope Technology & Research
    Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant  OAC Services, Inc.
    Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant Paul Lukes Building Envelope Consulting Services
    Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant
    Peter Meijer Architect, PC
    Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant  Walker Consultants 
    Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant Wetherholt and Associates, Inc.
    Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant
    Wiss, Janey, Elstner Associates, Inc.
    Space Planner Anjali Grant Design
    Space Planner Ato Apiafi Architects, PLLC
    Space Planner McGranahan Architects
    Space Planner  McLennan Design, LLC
    Space Planner Rolluda Architects, Inc.
    Space Planner
    SH Architecture
    Space Planner Studio Meng Stazzarra
    Structural Engineers AHBL, Inc.
    Structural Engineers CG Engineering
    Structural Engineers Coughlin Porter Lundeen
    Structural Engineers Integrated Design Engineers, LLC
    Structural Engineers
    Structural Engineers
    MLA Engineering
    Structural Engineers Otak, Inc.
    Structural Engineers Pace Engineers, Inc.
    Structural Engineers PCS Structural Solutions
    Structural Engineers Peterson Strehle Martinson
    Structural Engineers Reid Middleton, Inc.
    Structural Engineers  Sitt & Hill
    Structural Engineers  tk1sc 
    Structural Engineers  Walker Consultants
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant  Anjali Grant Design 
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant BEE Consulting, LLC
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant FSi Consulting Engineers
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant  Ecotope, Inc.
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant Hargis Engineers, Inc.
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant  HOK
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant
    Integral Group
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant Interface Engineering
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant  McLennan Design, LLC
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant Northwest Engineering Services, Inc.
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant Reyes Engineering, Inc.
    Sustainability & Energy Consultant
    Vanir Construction Management, Inc.
    Traffic Consultant Heffron Transportation
    Traffic Consultant  Reid Middleton, Inc. 
    Traffic Consultant  Toole Design
    Traffic Consultant  Transportation Engineering Northwest 
    Value Engineering
    Value Engineering Meng Analysis
    Value Engineering Otak, Inc.
    Value Engineering Roen & Associates
    Value Engineering Sazan Group, Inc.