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    Contact the Admissions Team

    The Admissions Main Phone Number: 206-252-0760
    Admissions FAX number: 206-252-0761


    Admissions Staff

    To contact staff directly, please use the email addresses below.

    Faauu Manu

    Desk phone: 206-252-0205
    Cell phone: 206-472-0603


    Bilingual Facilitators

    Halima Abdule
    Bilingual Facilitator (Somali, Arabic)

    Desk phone: 206-252-0880
    Cell phone: 206-430-2494

    Amy Fiterman
    Bilingual Facilitator (Spanish)

    Desk phone: 206-252-0767
    Cell phone: 206-471-2414

    FengYan Tang
    Bilingual Facilitator (Chinese- Cantonese, Mandarin, Taishanese)

    Desk phone: 206-252-0013
    Cell phone: 206-475-1860

    Kim (Hoa) Tran
    Bilingual Facilitator (Vietnamese)

    Desk phone: 206-252-0778
    Cell phone: 206-471-9386

    Student Facilitators

    Linn Luu-Hibbert
    Student Facilitator

    Desk phone: 206-252-0765
    Cell phone: 206-472-0783

    Karen LaChester

    Student Facilitator

    Desk phone: 206-252-0764
    Cell phone: 206-472-0854

    Dereje Negassa

    Student Facilitator (Amharic, Oromo)

    Desk phone: 206-252-0121
    Cell phone: 206-445-3848

    Enrollment Technicians

    Morgan Nonis
    Enrollment Technician, Non-resident and Inter-district Coordinator

    Desk phone: 206-252-0766
    Cell phone: 206-472-0696

    Susana Flores
    Enrollment Technician

    Desk phone: 206-252-0879
    Cell phone: 206-472-0890

    Carlos Betancourt
    Enrollment Technician (Spanish)

    Desk phone: 206-252-0208
    Cell phone: 206-472-0604