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    What is JUMP START?

    Jump Start is a FREE week-long experience for Kindergartners to learn about school. Children will become familiar with their new school building, staff, typical school day activities and routines. Their parents/guardians will be able to meet with the school principal and ask questions about school. Teachers start to build relationships with students and observe their skills and strengths. 

    Jump Start aims to help young children:

    • Experience joyful learning
    • Learn school readiness behaviors
    • Become more comfortable with the school environment     

    Read about signs of a successful transition to Kindergarten

    When and Where is JUMP START?

    Jump Start will take place August 17-21, 2020. The school district encourages all elementary and K-8 schools to offer Jump Start and provides extra funds to cover the costs of this program, which occurs before the school year officially begins. Ask about Jump Start when you tour schools or attend open houses. If your child's school does not offer Jump Start, contact them to ask about their kindergarten transition plan.

    Schools Participating in Jump Start

    A list of participating schools will be published in January.

    In April or early May, each school offering Jump Start will contact the families of newly assigned kindergartners  to invite them to participate in Jump Start. All students are welcome. Please note: Students may attend Jump Start only at their assigned school.  Wait-listed students are to attend Jump Start at their assigned school. 


    If your child has a disability, we would like to work with you and your child's case manager in advance to design a Jump Start plan.

    If your child needs medicine or nursing support, please complete a Medication at School form and send it to your child's school as soon as possible so the school nurse can write a health plan. Until the health plan is complete, the parent or guardian will need to remain at school Below are health forms needed for children with health concerns: 

    ALL new kindergartners assigned to schools offering Jump Start are welcome to attend.

    Other aspects of the program:

    • 9:00 am to 12:00 pm daily 
    • Parent/guardian meeting with school principal one morning
    • Community-building activity 
    • Bilingual support for students learning English
    • Support for children with special needs
    • Free breakfast and lunch at eligible schools  
    • Families provide transportation - no district buses available
    • Some nearby childcare programs may help with drop off/pickup and before or after care.

    View the short videos below to hear what students, parents and teachers say about Jump Start at Stevens Elementary and Dearborn Park International School.

    Stevens Elementary Jump Start Video

    Dearborn Park International Jump Start Video

    Dates: Aug. 17th - 21st

    Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Family Connections Each family meets with their Kindergarten teacher between September 2nd - 4th; please request an interpreter when you are contacted for an appointment.

    First day of school for 1st - 12th grade  is  
    September 1st 

    First day of Kindergarten is September 8th

    2020 Jump Start flyer in English translations to come 
    Schools participating in Jump Start will be announced in January